Real World Digital Product Examples

Product Packaging Experience

I want to share some examples from my clients that clearly demonstrate how simple their digital products are.

Kerry is a passionate middle school teacher. When family priorities took her out of teaching, she wanted to find a way to package up and share all those years of creating lesson plans and student tools, so she could give them new life in the hands of other middle school science teachers.

In Kerry’s case, her product creation process was very simple. She simply made her existing lesson plans and student tools available for purchase to other middle school science teachers as digital downloads. Similar to what’s being done among millions of teachers on peer-to-peer ecommerce sites like except Kerry has cut out the middle man. Because I’ve shown Kerry how to reach middle school teachers directly, she’s able to sell her products directly to her customer base keeping 100 percent of the sales for herself as well as charging what her products are really worth without dealing with the cutthroat price competition on peer-to-peer selling sites. 

Cameron is another example. She’s a dance studio owner. Cameron is incredibly creative and organized in everything she does at her studio, especially her fabulous year-end dance recitals. Normally, the year-end dance recital is the bane of existence for studio owners. There are so many details to think about from creating the choreography and dealing with hundreds of costumes to managing ticket sales and printing programs.

To make matters worse, every year, studio owners are expected to produce an entirely new show based on a new theme. It’s a lot of extra work for a studio owner, on top of all the normal duties of teaching classes, managing staff, and running the business side of things. 

So what did Cameron do? She created done-for-you recital kits that studio owners can purchase.

Each kit is based on a theme and includes everything they need to produce a well-organized and impressive dance recital without the stress and hassle of doing all the work from scratch. She gives them a theme, a themed logo, fill-in-the blank Canva templates for their fliers and posters, cast t-shirts, and programs. She gives them a list of thematic music to save them hours of time brainstorming from scratch. She gives them costume measurement worksheets and Excel spreadsheets that help them calculate their costume and ticket sales profit.

Cameron’s done-for-you recital kits are an incredible value for her studio owner customers, especially at the $197 price point she charges. A studio owner couldn’t even get a professional recital logo designed for that amount on their own! However, from a digital product creation perspective, it’s a very simple product. Again, these are all PDF files, Excel files, and Canva templates to which she shares the links! Best of all, this is all content that Cameron has already created in her own studio!

So not only does she have the personal benefit of producing a well-organized and beautiful recital that really adds the wow-factor for her studio parents, she’s also been able to turn it into a fun and easy passive income stream by packaging up her recital kits to share with other dance studio owners around the world.

She’s creating it once and selling it repeatedly! Simple.

- Megan


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