My mission is to help you turn your passion and expertise into a freedom-based virtual business so you can live your best life, now!

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Megan Meyers, Founder of The Shine Online Network 

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A virtual business can provide you with the freedom and flexibility you desire. 

Empowering Women to Create Impact, Profit, and Freedom!

At Shine Online we're dedicated to empowering women who are ready to transform their passion and expertise into simple, impactful digital products.

As a marketing expert and mentor, my team and I specialize in assisting women in packaging their knowledge and skills into digital products that can be sold online via their website.

From strategy development and start-up planning to website creation, sales automation, marketing, and branding, we provide tailored business consultation and marketing services to help women start successful virtual businesses.

Our mission is to help women create more impact, profit, and freedom by leveraging their expertise and sharing it with a wider audience, enabling them to make a greater impact, achieve financial success, and enjoy the freedom of a virtual business.