Creating Digital Products


Creating the various elements of a digital product can be very simple.

My Princess Ballerinas lesson plan subscription materials are all PDF files. My courses are typically a combination of simple videos, audio recordings, and PDF files. In the case of my video-based choreography membership, Dance on Demand, all of my content is recorded on an iPhone!

I set up my phone on a tripod in the back of the studio. I record myself teaching each dance routine with counts. Then I create a second video in which I demonstrate the routine with the music playing. I trim the videos on my phone and directly load them into my membership area – all right from my phone! I create six to eight new dance routines a month for hundreds of my Dance on Demand members using this very simple, and low-tech, process.

The beauty of it is that I create it once and sell it over and over!

Simple digital products can take on many shapes including:

•         PDF files like e-books and guides. 

•         Printable PDF files like my Princess Ballerinas coloring pages and award certificates. 

•         Printable tools like checklists, affirmation signs, or workbooks.

•         Audio trainings, courses, or guided meditations.

•         Video trainings, courses, and instructional videos. 

•         Live virtual experiences including webinars or Zoom classes, meetings, and workshops. 

Once you’re clear on the solution or gift you want to share with others (more on that in a future post), think of what format would be a simple way to package it up and send via email or shared link. 

- Megan


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