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How To Start A Successful Virtual Business And Gain The Freedom and Flexibility to Live Your Best Life, Now!


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In her book, SHINE Online, Megan takes you through the 5 pillars of...

The "SHINE" Method For Starting A Successful Virtual Business:

Chapter 1: Simple

Create a fun and easy virtual business by turning your existing skills, experience, or passion into simple digital products.

Chapter 2: Harness

Harness the power of the internet to share your digital products with people all over the world from the comfort of home.

Chapter 3: Identify

Identify your strengths, experience, and passion that can be packaged into simple digital products that others will gladly pay for.

Chapter 4: Navigate

Navigate the exciting world of starting your own virtual business with expert mentorship by your side, cheering you on to success.

Chapter 5: Empower

Take ownership of your God-given gifts and defeat common fears to create the life you love.

Chapter 6: Next Steps

How to take the first step towards starting your own virtual business, now!

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Excerpt from the preface: 

"Have you ever read a book that completely changed the way you saw the world?

A book that presented such a radically different perspective that you were forever changed?

Let’s face it, some things you just simply can’t un-know.

I’ll warn you now – this is one of those books.

A book that once you read it, there’s no going back.

There’s no going back to the way you used to think.

No going back to your old viewpoints.

No going back to your old excuses for why your life isn’t the way you want it to be.

I’m about to present an alternative reality for you. A total paradigm shift. One in which you – yes you and only you – get to create the rules for your life.

How can I make such a bold statement and promise?

I lived it.

I went through this paradigm shift six years ago… and my life has never been the same – never been better – since."